Lately I met up with Anne Colomes at her home to make a studio visit .

We had a coffee, we talked about travelling, working, art and -of course- she showed me her work (which I adored yet, but to see it for real just contributed to my falling-in-love-state.)

Anne Colomes is a French artist who lives in Bordeaux and creates small places to live in, to plunge in and fly and get lost. You can easily find your place in her drawings. You can hide  behind a rock or simply let yourself flow within the waterfall. It’s a timeless space. No horizon, no time, only mouvement.


Cascades is a series of 59 drawings, 59 views of the same waterfall which begun in 1995 and keeps flowing.



And that’s not all. If you really want a roof above your head you can always choose a tent, a magic one of course.


To know more about Anne Colomes, visit her official site or Rotor n°06 !


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