They are two and they are beautiful. Amélie, the voice behind Team Wild, is the tiniest and prettiest woman I’ve ever met. Sometimes I ask to myself if she is 5 and goes to the kindergarden during the day. Johnny, oh I met him on one of those stunning nights when you drink sparkling wine & eat  highly chemical chocolate brownies (Mathieu’s birthday ♡).

These two amazing creatures agreed to make a video especially for aromo. When they told me that they accepted, I started jumping all around my kitchen, I couldn’t believe it (generosity and talent combined together often lead to something highly creative – and this is the case). I didn’t give any particular artistic directions, I just told them if they would play a song for me, and they did. Enjoy Beautiful Sun, the track I play over and over these days (with High Sensibility..) !

Stay update with Team Wild news & concerts via their facebook page (here) & bandcamp (here).

☞ Special thanks to Anastasia Cadart who directed the video and to the zebras, the pelicans, the duck chorus and the wind.


photo credit : Team Wild by Evi